What We Do

Innovative Plastic Technologies is a contract manufacturing company we established to provide solutions using plastic injection molding processes to solve complex problems for our customers.

Our expertise in molding large plastic parts combined with our materials development capabilities allow our customers the freedom to design their products without making sacrifices due to manufacturing, process or material limitations.

Office Seating

At Innovative Plastic Technologies (IPT) we have been providing solutions in plastic for over thirty years. Working closely with our customers we have been involved in developing revolutionary processes and materials to enhance our plastic injection molding capabilities. We thrive on difficult manufacturing challenges and have been honored to work side by side with product designers and engineers from our largest customer Herman Miller®. Our collective innovative spirit has aligned to create the last three chairs of the decade as awarded by IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America). The Equa, Aeron and Setu chairs.

Our customers rely on our injection molding expertise and product/process development to solve their most complex manufacturing problems. Using our proprietary triple and double shot molding processes we can mold both hard and soft plastic in one shot. We have also developed new methods of bonding fabric to plastic so both comfort and support are achieved simultaneously. The additional capability to mold products in a wide variety of colors is apparent in the Caper chair seat pan and back which we produce in 22 colors.

We have also been privileged to work with leading designers and engineers at Haworth and Knoll on the design, development and execution of innovative products and processes for their award winning office seating products.

Custom Containers

Our expertise in materials and molding processes has also helped us to design and manufacture large plastic custom containers for the industrial, food and beverage, water filtration and liquid natural gas markets. Custom containers ranging in size from 10 to 100 gallons can also be manufactured using recycled material content. These products frequently replace expensive and heavy metal containers and our returnable, reusable and recyclable. Equipped with our Xtreme RFID tags, these containers are traceable from the date of manufacture through their entire product life cycle.

We have molding capabilities that allow us the ability to make some of the largest plastic parts available in North America. With a tonnage range of 1500T to 5000T and manufacturing locations in Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas and Budapest, Hungary, IPT is geographically positioned to provide large parts in close proximity to our customers with logistics support including inline sequencing (including color) when required.