Problems We Solve

Innovative Plastic Technologies utilizes the latest advances in plastic injection molding technologies and processes to provide our customers with innovative solutions. Many of the proprietary processes we use today originated with IPT addressing specific problems are customers were encountering. Fabric adhesion to plastic and double and triple shot molding for seating applications are just a few examples.

Product Development

Product development at Cascade Engineering is a disciplined process that’s integral to our daily operation. Powered by creativity and a passion for problem solving, we design and develop large parts, complex designs, aesthetic finishes, structural performance, and sustainable materials. Not only do we work closely with our customers to engineer and manufacture their designs, we also design, manufacture, and market our own products.


Our in-house engineering and design staff is proficient in the latest CAD software and can translate both to and from any CAD software package used today. From the simple to the most intricate, our team can model a product for its real world use, while benefiting from direct access to our manufacturing team. We also enlist Virtual Simulation technology to lower development costs, better manage risks, and provide products that get to market faster.


We have the ability to mold large plastic parts utilizing our 1500, 3000, 4500 and 5000 ton injection molding presses. The additional capability of using double and triple shot molding allows us the opportunity to use multiple plastics with various material properties in one shot. Additional processes like suction blow molding, painting and automated assembly provide our customers a wide variety of choices to assure the products we produce meet their specifications. With facilities located across North America shipping costs can be minimized and in many cases finished goods can be shipped in sequence to nearby customer locations.